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Colored Belt Testing

 Colored-belt testing allows us to measure the student progress towards his/her goal's. In addition to building on their self esteem and self-confidence, it is a way to develop a habit of learning a consistent hard work ethic along with developing a winning attitude. Students learn to set short-term goals (each colored belt), which systematically guides them en route to long-term goals (towards earning a black belt). Our testing days are a celebration of our studentís accomplishments allowing them to display their growth and hard work attitude, while being able share this event with family and friends who are encouraged to attend! These tests are administered every two months. In addition, students must attend enough required classes to be eligible to test Students must be able to demonstrate required techniques (for there belt level) before they are eligible to test.  Testing is held at LEEJON (unless a special occasion and or circumstance warrants re location). Testing allows student to showcase the physical curriculum of the basic forms, self-defense, sparring, breaking, while displaying a unique mental toughness. Eligibility for colored belt testing is open to all students who have earned recommendation from their Master and or Head Instructor plus approvalís from both parents and school teachers.


Test Scoring

The test itself counts 50%. A score of at least 70% will earn you a stripe while for a full belt promotion a score of at least 85%or higher is necessary. A detailed curriculum of basics, forms, sparring and or breaking will be applied. (Note though unusual a score below 70% is considered a fail and a re test will be required.)


Black Belt Testing

Black Belt Testing Black belt testing is a way to measure a studentís true progress in the study of martial arts. Students are still encouraged to continue in their growth and advancement of the practice in the Art. At this level, students continue to develop a new found confidence and their own systematic view of what can be accomplished through the martial arts. Students also grow in their personal development as leaders and better communicators, in addition to the refining outstanding technique that is acquired at this point. Testing for black belts typically involves a complete review of the curriculum, including leadership and instructional skills. Testing should display what the student has learned over the course of his/her martial arts career from the philosophical knowledge to physical technique. The testing for black belts is to be administered once a year. With Master Ortez and LEEJON staff present, these testing dates are set up by the school ahead of time. ( Note upper Dan dates between tests are dictated by Kukkiwon)

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